Marketing Wheat

I wrote a column in the Wheat Grower magazine in 2001 that provides a short summary of my views on marketing.

President’s Half Acre – Marketing Plans

I believe that the best research on the marketing of white wheat has been done by Professor Larry Lev and Professor Steve Buccola and Yoko Fujii at Oregon State University.  I recently attempted to summarize they advice in

Rules for Marketing White Wheat

The articles by Professor Lev and Buccola may be somewhat dated after the big increase in wheat prices in 2007-8.  However, the basic approaches they use in analyzing the market for white wheat remain valid.  Their articles are well worth reading and are available below:

Lev-Harvest Strategies

Lev-Preharvest Strategies

Lev-2000 Update 

Buccola and Fujii

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