Moving On

For the past six years, this blog has been focused almost exclusively on healthcare reform.  I still believe reforming our health care system is vitally important.  However, it’s time to expand the focus and to start thinking about other topics.

When I started my job as a Sherman County Commissioner three years ago, I was confronted with many new issues.  For example:

  1. How should the operating costs be split among the four counties who own our regional jail?
  2. Many of the inmates in the jail suffer from mental illness and/or addiction to alcohol and drugs. How can the jail provide treatment that will keep these inmates from returning to jail?
  3. What should be done to attract more residents to live in Sherman County and to promote the viability of our cities? How can we promote the building of more middle-income housing?
  4. The construction of wind farms over the last decade has dramatically increased the County’s property tax revenue. The increased revenue may last only eight more years. How should this windfall be invested so as to provide the most benefits to the county over the long-run?
  5. Studies show that children who attend a high-quality pre-kindergarten do better both academically and economically later in life. Preschools are particularly important for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  How can pre-kindergarten be made available to all the children of Sherman County?

I hope to discusses these topics in future blogs.

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