Back in Action

Last summer, I started using the popular blogging software, WordPress, to manage my website.   I like it.  Soon after Christmas, I tried to post a blog I’d written and discovered I could no longer access my “ad-min” dashboard.  Blog entries are posted from the dashboard.  I called the company that hosts my site.  They told me that I had a “broken WorldPress log-in,” that they weren’t responsible, and that I was on my own in figuring out how to fix the problem.

If I’d had a computer savvy teenager available, she probably could have quickly figured out the cause of my problem and got me going.  I suspected my “broken log-in” had occurred during a WordPress software update.  After two weeks of hoping the problem would go away and two weeks of learning ftp and about accessing SQL databases, I finally succeeded.  It was a frustrating two weeks, but one good result is that I learned how to backup my website.  Parts of the Internet world are still too complicated.

I had no one to consult because I don’t know anyone in my area who uses WordPress.  Being the first to adopt new technology often comes with frustration.  We found this out several years ago when we installed a yield monitor on the combine and started applying fertilizer using a GPS-guided, variable rate controller.  It took several years before problems that arose started looking familiar and we began to have confidence in our ability to diagnose and fix them.

If you can see this post, I’m back in action.